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Anxious about the LRT Line 2 Extension

May 2014


Among the overdue projects that have generated much attention and, quite recently, some excitement is the extension of the LRT Line 2 from the current end station at Santolan, Pasig to Masinag Junction in Antipolo. This is a 4 kilometer stretch that has been viable for quite a long time now but somehow has not been constructed for various reasons. It was among the low hanging fruits that the current administration should have picked that could have been completed and operating now if it were started sometime 2011 (i.e., factoring in the transition in government after the 2010 Presidential elections). For some reason, government officials had to get proof that there was passenger demand for the extension by considering having another study undertaken just for this purpose. As I’ve mentioned before, one only needs to observe the situation at Santolan Station and perhaps the Sta. Lucia/Robinsons Metro East area to understand just how many people will benefit from the extension to Masinag. I would even dare say that you can even justify extending the line further to Cogeo.  Following are a few photos I recently took along Marcos Highway along with some comments pertaining to the Line 2 extension construction.

2014-05-11 07.36.47Soil testing site along Marcos Highway in Pasig City – these activities preclude the designs for the superstructure, which include the elevated tracks and the stations (there will be 2) along the Line 2 extension.

2014-05-11 07.36.53Another soil test site – each location roughly correspond to the location of the columns that will be constructed to support the elevated tracks and stations.

IMG08417-20140516-1803Scenes of overloaded jeepneys should no longer be the norm once the Line 2 extension is completed. However, such would probably be common for jeepneys coming to or from the last station at Masinag. There are no other choices for people taking public transport beyond Masinag except jeepneys bound for destinations like Antipolo Simbahan, Cogeo, Tanay and Marikina. 

IMG08418-20140516-1804Pedestrian overpasses such as this relatively new one near the Filinvest East main gate would have to give way to the elevated Line 2. Another option is for this and other overpasses to be reconfigured with respect to the future line. I just hope this will be done with utmost care so we won’t have overpasses similar to those along EDSA that go above or below the elevated tracks of the MRT 3.

IMG08419-20140516-1807This overpass will like be removed to give way to the future end station of the Line 2 extension. The overpass in front of SM Masinag will have to be integrated with the station to be located in this area.


  1. anonymous says:

    delakado sa mga tatawid kung tatanggalin nila ng mga pedestrians sa marcos hiway. siguro tataasan nila ng viaduct ng lrt 2 extension

  2. ronnielim99 says:

    Have they ever considered extending Line 2 all the way to the national shrine in Antipolo? Such a popular tourist attraction…

    • d0ctrine says:

      It has been considered but the slopes are the main challenge via Sumulong so its more likely the extension will be towards Cogeo instead. Demand-wise that area is steadily growing and should provide a higher ridership for a transit line since they are practically committed to traveling along that corridor.

  3. Jesus P. Jacobe says:

    DOTC has plans of extending the Line 2 East (Masinag) Extension up to Cogeo Gate 2. Alignment is being studied. The grade is suitable based on preliminary study.

    • d0ctrine says:

      Thank you for the update. Friends at DOTC say other options they are considering are a BRT or a regular bus service from Masinag to Cogeo or Antipolo Simbahan. Whichever they decide on, let’s hope these get implemented ASAP.

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