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Tricycle fares in Antipolo City

December 2015


Tricycles in Antipolo City practically have no defined or restricted areas of operations. Unlike other cities, say Quezon City or Manila, tricycle operations in Antipolo is practically free ranging. You can get a tricycle in Mambugan and ride it directly to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Simbahan ng Antipolo); a distance of 8 to 10 kilometers depending on the route taken. As such, there has been a tendency for tricycle drivers to overcharge passengers even though fares were subject to negotiations and there have bee established average or usual fares for certain trips. Nevertheless, there have been and are still lots of complaints about tricycle fares in the city. This is evidenced from the queries posted on the city’s social media accounts.

This situation begs an important question on whether Antipolo City has official tricycle fare rates. The answer is yes, it does have official rates and this is stated under City Ordinance No. 2009-316. I assume that ‘2009’ here refers to the year the ordinance was signed into law by the City Council. Here’s a graphic from Antipolo City’s Facebook page showing official tariffs and warnings against negotiating fares as well as the maximum number of passengers a tricycle can carry.


Antipolo tricycle faresTricycle fares based on official tariffs under City Ordinance No. 2009-316

Those two other ordinances seem to be among the most abused by tricycle drivers and likely very difficult to enforce considering the ranges of tricycles. According to netizens, many tricycle drivers still tend to negotiate fares for long trips and tricycles carrying more than 4 passengers is a common sight in the city especially tricycles that are used as school service vehicles. I tend to wince myself whenever I see a tricycle overloaded with school children negotiating Ortigas Ave Extension or Sumulong Highway. These are unsafe and put a lot of young lives at risk.

Below is an example fare matrix for tricycles posted at the New Public Market along Sumulong Highway and across from the new Robinsons mall in the same area:

2015-11-02 11.02.35Illustrative fares to/from the New Antipolo Public Market

I think there should be similar information posted in other areas around Antipolo City. This is so that people will not be confused about the tricycle fares and so as to minimize the instances when tricycle drivers take advantage of passengers not familiar with trip distances and the fare rates.

The Antipolo City Government is working towards improving transport and traffic in this highly urbanized city. I think this should include regulating tricycle services so that the city could reduce their numbers along national roads like Marcos Highway, Sumulong Highway and Ortigas Ave. Extension. Tricycles have become a nuisance in traffic and not just for motorists but for cyclists and pedestrians as well. They shouldn’t be traveling long distances and along rolling and mountainous terrains. They tend to be noisy and, perhaps most problematic, are smoke belchers. Hopefully, this can be addressed in the next years as the city continuous to grow and become more progressive. This only means that the city should strive towards a modern, efficient and people & environment-friendly transport system.


  1. Joseph says:

    Kanina sumuakay kmi 2 ng kasama ko sa tricycle from pinto art to ynares. Ang siningil samin ng tricycle driver ay 50 pesos. Ang body number ay 10-082.
    Sana maparusahan yung driver na un. Pls update me on this.
    Alam kong bawal yung ginawa nya.

    • Erik says:

      madaming mayabang na tricycle drivers and worst pa niyan eh matandaan ka at masagasaan accidentally.

  2. Erik says:

    Madaming tricycle drivers na malapit na lang sasagasaan ka na. Me mga bastos pa na nakaabang sa mga PUVs tapos pipilitin ka sumakay. Ang rates ng mga tricycle madalas tumataas kasi if mag-isa ka i-charge ka ng double.

  3. lhyn says:

    Magkano po ba tlga ang pamasahe sa tricycle mula sitio igiban hnggang kanto ng robinson antipolo?

  4. Good day . Saan poba ang pila ng maxtoda
    Pls help po may irereklamo lang ako ng tricycle maxtoda # 19

    • d0ctrine says:

      Please go the Antipolo City Hall for your inquiries or better go to their official Facebook Page “Antipolo City Gov”. I am not affiliated in any way with the city government.

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