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The ill-located terminal at Ligaya along Marcos Highway

September 2018


There is a newly constructed public transport terminal in what is popularly known as the Ligaya area along Marcos Highway in Pasig City. The terminal is right across from the new Ayala Feliz Mall. The terminal is mostly unused or under-utilised. The jeepneys and UV Express vehicles that were supposed to use the terminal seldom go there as the natural stop for most coming from Pasig to Marikina would be closer to the junction of Marcos Highway with Amang Rodriguez Avenue. There is also the U-turn slot nearby where many passengers dare to cross to in order to catch a ride. Sinasalubong ng mga tao ang jeepney na lumiliko dito and the traffic enforcers in the area generally turn a blind eye to this.

The practically empty terminal during evenings

Late at night, the terminal is dark with the lights turned off. Most times I pass by the area in the mornings and afternoons, there are few, if any, PUVs at the terminal and you don’t see a congregation of a lot of passengers there as with other terminals. Did Ayala make a mistake with this terminal? For one, it is known already that while this area is a transfer point for many passengers, the location of the terminal with respect to the established U-turn slots make it unsuitable and undesirable for most PUVs. Then there is the impending operations of the Line 2 Extension whose nearest station will be hundreds of meters away across Robinsons Metro East and Sta. Lucia Mall. I think Ayala needs to construct a physical connection to the terminal if only to increase the number of people going there and therefore attract PUVs. Finally, the area is not a terminus (or last stop) for PUVs so it doesn’t make sense for them to spend time there except perhaps during off-peak periods (i.e., for rest). However, it is not attractive even for the latter since there seems to be no amenities including stores or maintenance shops to support PUVs.


  1. Dems says:

    I have always wondered when they will construct a footbridge for this..

    • d0ctrine says:

      Maybe they’re waiting for the Line 2 Extension to be completed and operational? And it doesn’t help that Pasig and MMDA enforcers aren’t doing their jobs and allowing people to catch jeepneys at the U-turn slot.

  2. karlramoso says:

    A better suggestion is to move the Ligaya Footbridge to in between the Mall and terminal to increase foot traffic to both. Reason to stop by the terminal could be visiting the Mall or walking home for those residing within the area especially on Amang Rodriguez side. I don’t think Ayala Land will waste money on something that won’t benefit them. Hope they announce something soon.

    • d0ctrine says:

      They seem to have started some tests for the foundations of a footbridge at the terminal side. It is a worthwhile investment but Pasig/MMDA also need to do their part. You can observe a lot of people boarding jeepneys under the overpass at the U-turn slot. That needs to stop.

  3. karlramoso says:

    Update: I was able to get a reply from the mall’s FB page admin, they are constructing a footbridge from the mall to the terminal. Both footbridge and terminal are expected to be operational by Q3 of this year.

  4. Manny Tenefrancia says:

    Hello, May i please know who is the official operator of Public Transport (Jeepneys and
    PUV’s) Terminal in-front of Feliz Mall across
    Marcos Hiway (also know as Ligaya area)?
    Reason for asking is, i am interested to develop this unutilized Terminal by putting-up Basic amenities for Passengers & Passengers like Stalls/Kiosk for Cafe/Refreshment/Quick-grab food, etc.

    • d0ctrine says:

      That’s Feliz’s terminal so it’s operated and owned by Ayala.

      • Manny Tenefrancia says:

        Thanks for swift response, do you think Ayala-Feliz Mall would entertain about this plan (install Passengers/Drivers quik grab eats, cafe & snacks) that will help
        encourage formal use of Public towards
        their transportation terminal facility as a
        tenant or space lessee?

      • d0ctrine says:

        Im not aware of what they plan to do for the terminal. Their current priority is constructing the footbridge to connect the terminal with the mall. They attempted to have some stalls there but these failed because people won’t go there.

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