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Other buses operating the Antipolo-Cubao route

August 2020


I had mentioned in previous posts that more buses have been deployed to serve the Antipolo-Cubao route. The route had already evolved to have two alternatives: the original route via Aurora Boulevard, Marcos Highway and Sumulong Highway, and the variant that goes through Cogeo and passes through Olalia Road to/from Sumulong Highway. Here are a couple of photos showing a couple more bus companies that used to ply other routes via EDSA.

Jayross Lucky Seven Tours bus – these used to ply the Fairview-Baclaran route via Commonwealth Avenue and EDSA with all aircon buses.

Diamond Star bus – these used to ply the Malanday-NAIA route via EDSA with both ordinary and aircon buses

More photos of other buses now serving the Antipolo-Cubao route.


  1. ronnielim99 says:

    Thanks for the info. I assume these 2 routes have different route numbers? And have they put out a map showing the turn-by-turn route and where the bus stops are located?

    • d0ctrine says:

      They are using the same route number and the map, its still plotted as via Sumulong, Masinag Junction and Marcos Highway. The deviation to Cogeo is not yet there. Bus signboards though show whether the vehicle will go to Cogeo.

      • ronnielim99 says:

        And that’s how bad the government (LTFRB?) does its job. If they allow the Cogeo route then they should be differentiated from the Masinag line, to make for a more efficient commute, don’t you think so? Thanks again.

      • d0ctrine says:

        Yes. So people can easily distinguish among the routes especially as there are limited number of buses running at the moment and they can’t carry more than 40% of seating capacity.

      • Meiji says:

        I think LTFRB expects variants to major routes like this Cogeo one. I think thats the reason they mandated city buses to have an extra white box on their route signs on their windshields. One route variants will be tagged as “A” , another will be “B”, etc. So possibly, Cubao-Antipolo via Cogeo will be Route 9A.

      • d0ctrine says:

        Pwede! And maybe Route 9C can be via Tikling and Cainta Junction.

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