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NAIA Terminal 3 multi-level parking

October 2014


The multi-level parking facility of NAIA Terminal 3 is open. I have not been to T3 in a while and saw that the multi-level parking was operational only upon returning from a trip to Palawan last week. Last night, as I maneuvered to the open parking lot prior to fetching a friend at the airport, I was directed by airport security to the multi-level facility upon being informed that the open parking lot was already full. Following are a few photos of the multi-level parking at NAIA Terminal 3.

 IMG09541-20140930-1854The entrance and exit to the multi-level parking facility is at the end of the arrival level driveway.

IMG09543-20140930-1855Motorists should keep to the right heading towards the parking building. There are two lanes clearly marked for the entrance.

IMG09544-20140930-1855There are two booths but there is currently a desk where staff issue parking tickets to users.

IMG09545-20140930-1901Driving inside the facility, one realises that it is spacious and could handle the vehicles generated by the additional flights begin served by T3.

IMG09546-20140930-1902Not many people seem to be aware that the parking building is now operational based on the many spaces still available around the multi-level facility. Most people still use the open lot across from the terminal unless its closed off (full) and security staff direct them to the parking building.

IMG09547-20140930-1902Most driveways are 2-way and so provides good traffic circulation inside the facility.

IMG09548-20140930-1903The spaces nearest to the entrance to the terminal are obviously the first ones occupied.

While it took some time for authorities to finally open the multi-level parking at T3, it is a most welcome development considering many international airlines have been transferring operations to T3. These include Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines among others that will be using T3 as T1 is being rehabilitated. The rates are the same as the open lot (I paid PHP 40.oo for almost 3 hours parking.) and because your vehicle will be basically indoors, it is a good option for trips where you opt to leave your car at the airport (park & fly). NAIA charges PHP 200 per night but I think this is a very reasonable rate assuming that this is a more secure facility compared to the open lot.


  1. carmen says:

    Hi, Php200 per night lang ba ang parking sa NAIA terminal 3 for overnight? may mga nababasa ksi ako na 300 daw eh.. gusto ko lang maconfirm

  2. Graciedh3nz says:

    so they allowed 4 days straight if i’m leaving for a vacation?

    • d0ctrine says:

      Yes. You just have to pay the corresponding fee. I suggest that you park near the guards so that you’re assured (somehow) that someone would be looking after your vehicle.

  3. Lala says:

    Gud day po.ask ko lang kung may parking pa ba for departures?or parang sa naia1 lang din ba na wala?gusto lang kasi namin magkakasama pa kahit sandali bago umalis ama po kung pwde ba kami pumasok sa loob even 1st counter lang or hanggang dun lang rin sa 1st door?(for intl flyts na w/ 5 new airlines company)1st tym lang kc sa departure sa naia 3.nung arrival pa lang nasubukan ko pero dun lang din ako sa open parking kasi diko kabisado naia3.tnx in AdvNce for reply

    • d0ctrine says:

      All NAIA terminals have no parking specifically for departures (para sa mga maghahatid sa paalis na pasahero). Mabuting ihatid muna ang aalis at mga maghahatid sa departure level ng terminal at mag-park na muna ang driver. Balikan na lang kayo kung gusto din nya makasama sa pagpapaalam. Masikip at walang upuan sa Terminal 1 kaya hindi kumportable ang pagpapaalam. Hindi pwede samahan sa check-in counter ang pasahero unless mayroon kayong prior na clearance na makukuha sa security (pero advance dapat). Sa Terminal 2 ganito din pero mas maluwag sa labas departure level kaya hindi siksikan. Sa Terminal 3 ay pwede kayong pumasok lahat sa check-in at maaari pa kayong kumain o mag-shopping sa terminal. Mag-park kayo sa multi-level parking na kadikit ng terminal para sama-sama kayo pagpasok sa terminal.

  4. RPM says:

    Hi there. I read somewhere that they charge P200 for the first 24 hours plus a per hour rate for the succeeding hours. Is this true? Or do they charge P200 per night? Leaving for a 3 day trip and I plan to leave my car there for the duration of the trip. Thanks!

  5. michele p. reyes says:

    We are currently stuck here in the level 3(c) part. It is so chaotic!
    No one is managing the loading & unloading area.

  6. yellahfellah says:

    Hi! I’m travelling out of town with my family in a few days and need to know if we can park at the multi-level parking facility of Terminal 3, and then proceed to the departure area with our baggages? Or do i still need to drop off my family 1st at the departure area, then exit Terminal 3 to Andrews Ave. (making a U-Turn just before Villamor Air Base, then making another U-Turn at the Rotunda beside the Villamor Barangay Hall) and enter Terminal 3 again, but now from the lane for the Arrival Area in order to proceed to the multi-level parking facility? I have been doing the latter option several times in the past for Terminals 1, 2 & 3 and would like to know if the former option is now available for departing passengers. Thanks!

    • d0ctrine says:

      You can proceed directly with your family to park at the multilevel parking. The entrance is at the end of the driveway at the arrival level (ground). There’s no need to exit the airport to make all those turns. They have a scanning machine at the entrances of the arrival and departure levels for those bringing their luggage. You should also be able to drop off your family at the departure level with their luggage and proceed directly to the multilevel parking, which has an entrance at the end of the driveway at that level but I am not sure that entrance is open. Last time I was there (a couple of months ago) it wasn’t open – thus the inconvenience of having to exit the airport and go around again just to park.

  7. yellahfellah says:


    For NAIA Terminal 3, the distance from the Departure Area to the Arrival Area (using the route described above) is approx. 2.7 kms., and depending on the time of day and season, this may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes!

    Anyway, the obvious follow-up question would be: Upon our arrival at the airport (at the end of our vacation), will we be able to walk to the multi-level parking facility from the Arrival Area? Or will I need to again exit Terminal 3 and enter again (using the same route described above) to be able to “meet” my family (and baggages) at the Arrival Area Ramp? Thanks!

  8. Jer says:

    Is it better to enter the parking facility at ground level or at departure level if leaving the car for 3 days? Thanks a lot…

    • d0ctrine says:

      I think its better to go for the departure or upper levels. There’s usually less vehicles at the upper levels of the parking building so you can get a slot closer to the entrance to the terminal. However, when you arrive you do have to make the extra effort to go up. Not really a big thing considering there are elevators at the terminal.

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