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Grab at NAIA Terminal 2

April 2017


Here is another useful post for travelers especially during this Holy Week and the summer holiday season in the Philippines. Many people usually look for a ride heading out from the airport. Not everyone would have someone to fetch them. There are several options now for those wanting to take public transport. Aside from the conventional taxis, there are also airport taxis, vans and the more recent airport bus service provided by UBE Express. Ridesharing or car sharing services are also available and the most visible will be Grab with options for either car or taxi available via you own app or through their booths located at the NAIA airport terminals. There should be a Grab booth located at the arrival areas of NAIA’s terminals. They also have a booth at the Mactan Cebu International Airport terminal.

You can easily spot the Grab booth and pick-up area as you exit the terminal’s arrival lounge.

You can book a ride with the grab staff at the booth if you don’t have a smart phone and the Grab app. You can also just call for a car or taxi using the app. This is the pick-up point for Grab Cars. Grab Taxis would have to use the driveways for taxis parallel and just to the left of this driveway.

Grab has become a game changer for taxis out of the airport. In fact, my own father found them to be a convenient and safe option for a recent trip from Terminal 2 to our home in Cainta. He didn’t have to negotiate fares and he paid a very reasonable fare while enjoying his ride on a recent model car.


  1. Bing Mondejar says:

    Just used Grab terminal 2 airport services last November 5, 2018, requested them to send thru email the E-receipt of Grab services with plate no. GrabCar UE0323 in the amount of P690.00, until now no email yet, kindly send to email ad, need very badly the E receipt. Thanks

  2. Michelle says:

    How can i report the grab taxi, my tita left her iphone x smax

  3. jaylordmorales says:

    hi sir how many days the grab receipt be emailed.please answer

  4. Laura Villanueva says:

    Good morning Sir/Mam, can i request may original receipt from Grab booth NAIA Terminal 2 at Bay 6 Arrival dated December 19, 2022 , i need the official Receipt , Grab details: Plate Number DAZ 1665 ( Mitsubishi Xpander) from NAIA Terminal 2 to 317 Blk. 12, Kabisig, Floodway, \San Andres Cainta Rizal.

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