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Regular bus services for Antipolo

June 2020


Finally, there is a regular bus service between Antipolo and Cubao. This will be between the Robinsons Antipolo transport terminal and the Araneta City (formerly Araneta Center) via Sumulong Highway, Marcos Highway and Aurora Boulevard. This is a more significant development than the P2P bus service between Antipolo and Ortigas CBD (i.e., Robinsons Antipolo and Robinsons Galeria) as this is a regular bus service with what appears to be designated stops. I say what appears to be designated stops based on the fare matrix released by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory  Board (LTFRB).

I have written about this in the past and communicated this to local and national officials and yetWill this spell the decline and eventually phasing out of the Antipolo-Cubao jeepneys? Probably not unless there is a strong move for a phaseout. The operation of the Line 2 Extension will surely impact them, too. But they can and should survive even for feeder services with respect to the rail and buses.


  1. Ronx says:

    I wonder when the Taytay-Gilmore line start? Goodbye Taytay-Quiapo line, it seems that it’s going to replace old routes for G. Liner & RRCG!

    • d0ctrine says:

      That’s been with NEDA and DOTr for quite some time now and with the post-ECQ transport fiasco, that probably won’t get started anytime soon. DOTr’s more focused with the subway and the extensions (Lines 1 and 2) and trying to increase Line 3 capacity.

      • Ronx says:

        I think they’re now rationalizing the bus lines and slowly starting to deploy them?

        Found this link on FB showing a metro-like system map. This would be cool if it becomes permanent!!

      • d0ctrine says:

        This is basically a response to the call for better transport system post-ECQ. There really is an opportunity here for rationalization. I’m just not sure they have their numbers right. Two independent analysis from UP and DLSU show the routes right but the number of buses too low to serve the demand this GCQ. DOTr and LTFRB needs to engage bus companies more urgently. Replacing the conventional jeepneys with favored e-jeepneys with basically the same capacities will defeat the rationalization rationale.

      • Ronx says:

        Errm I can’t recall if I placed the link for reference earlier or what. Here it is below, sorry! /robertbobreyes/photos/a.742711559229874/1557091624458526

        I’m actually surprised that the bus companies are not putting up a fight with these rationalization efforts because if this happened before, I’m pretty sure they’d have already gone to the courts to secure a TRO to keep the status quo.

      • d0ctrine says:

        They stand to benefit a lot if there is less competition from jeepneys and even UV Express. Those routes in the map are for high capacity vehicles (buses, P2P, BRT, rail). Jeepneys should be assigned feeder and not not main line routes.

      • Ronx says:

        Agree. I hope they also rationalize all the jeepney routes!!

      • d0ctrine says:

        And so dotr and ltfrb just announced a taytay-gilmore bus service to start tomorrow.

  2. jet harvey says:

    Hey may I ask the specific link to find the buses fare matrix files on the LTFRB website

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